A career fair turned out to be even more promising than expected for Keenan Jamerson-Delorme. As a business major at the First Nations University in Regina and an Indigenous person, Keenan wasn’t just looking for a job, he was looking for a workplace where he felt like he belonged. That’s why he sought out a networking event hosted by an organization that focuses on supporting and growing Indigenous careers.

“I was very drawn to the event because it’s important for me to know that there were employers actively looking for people like me,” Keenan explains.

Seeking connections and community

At the event, Keenan connected with Ashten Brown, an Associate in RBC’s Indigenous People’s Development Program who was working with the HR Recruitment team as part of the rotational program. Ashten, who had attended the career fair as a job seeker herself a few years earlier, was supporting hiring for banking advisors, financial advisors and client advisors within Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nunavut and Southwestern Ontario.

Keenan Jamerson-Delorme
“When I first thought of a bank, I thought of insurance, finance and accounting,” Ashten says, “but RBC is much more than that. It’s a place where you feel welcome and can learn a lot.”

As Ashten and Keenan talked, they connected over their similar background and drive to advance Indigenous inclusion and Ashten shared how RBC is embracing Indigenous partners and people to strengthen its inclusive culture.

It was a conversation that stuck with Keenan, so he visited the downtown Regina branch a few days later and applied for a role as a Banking Advisor intern. After moving through the recruitment process, he was offered the position.

Pursuing a Passion

Recruitment has always been a passion for Ashten and she had the chance to nurture it in one of her rotational assignments as part of the Indigenous People’s Development Program (IPDP).

The IPDP is a two-year rotational program that offers participants who self-identify as Indigenous the opportunity to gain exposure to different aspects of business through four rotations. Three assignments are within their chosen business area and one unique rotation working with an Indigenous community organization, which allows the Associate to contribute to a cause they care about while applying their skills and growing their network.
Ashten Brown
Ashten feels that the program has given her career a meaningful jumpstart. “I have opportunities to talk to people in different groups and share why RBC is a great place to work,” she explains.

Coming from a place of lived experience, she feels she is in a good position to connect with Indigenous job seekers. “I want to see Indigenous people succeed and understand there is space for us within financial services. We have a lot to offer,” Ashten says.

It’s a message that resonated with Keenan and a big reason why he pursued a career path with RBC.

The start of a new career

Keenan’s job offer led to a four-month internship as a Banking Advisor in Regina, Saskatchewan, where he was able to learn new skills, develop his career and be himself.

“RBC is an environment where you can definitely feel included. No one is going to judge you or think less of you because of your culture,” he says.

He says it’s great to be part of a diverse team.

“Everybody is proud of their culture and I was excited to represent my community. It was nice to connect with people of similar backgrounds – I know clients appreciated that too. At RBC, you can be proud of where you come from.”

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