Career Growth

RBC Helps Students Discover Numerous Career Options
When Hussam Tahir was considering potential career options, he didn’t think about working for a bank.

From Electrician to Financial Advisor: A Career Change Starts with Skills at RBC
The transition from electrician to financial advisor may not seem like an obvious career path. But it’s one that makes sense to Tyler McIntosh.

How the 'Accidental Banker' Transitioned to a Career at RBC
Erin Corstorphine never imagined a career in banking. Not when she was wholly focused on a career in theatre.

Senior Trust Advisor welcomed back to where her career began in a fulfilling new role
Karen Snowdon-Steacy didn’t plan for her first job to be a jumping-off point for a lifelong career.

Insurance leader warmly welcomed back to RBC with 'above and beyond' support
As a criminology major, Russell Shaw never thought he’d land a job at one of Canada’s largest bank-owned insurance companies.

From Great Resignation to Great Realization: Boomerang job trend remains strong as workers return to their previous employers
Forget the “Great Resignation,” workers today are embracing the “Great Realization” – an appreciation for a job they left.

Meaningful Work

RBC Connects Colleagues and Community Causes
Employees increasingly want to work for an organization with values that align with their own.

Pursuing What Matters: Part 1
In this series, meet the goal-crushers who are achieving their dreams, find out how their employer supports them and why it matters.

Making a difference in your community starts in your workplace
Whether it’s a local youth mentoring event or a beach cleanup, community efforts can make a world of difference—especially in a work environment where employees’ values and beliefs are supported.

In good company: Workers want to pursue a career and support a cause
By prioritizing employee-driven initiatives and fostering a culture of volunteerism, companies can create a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

A Welcoming Workplace

Indigenous Connections Inspire Career Exploration
A career fair turned out to be even more promising than expected for Keenan Jamerson-Delorme.

RBC empowers persons with disabilities to thrive
Before Ahmed A. launched his career with RBC, he had spent six fruitless years looking for his ideal job.

​​​​​​Applying From Afar
Suad Abdel-Majeed moved from Ghana to Canada and says business training, mentorships and the opportunity to expand her skillset make work fulfilling.

Pursuing What Matters: Part 2
In part two of the series, meet the change-makers who are advancing diversity and inclusion, how their employer supports them, and why it matters.

Former newcomers guide others
Their core mission: give others the chance to get settled and succeed.

Support Beyond Salary

Green Flags for Your Job Search
When looking for your dream job, paying attention to the green flags will help you find the perfect role to make it yours.

More Than Money
With higher interest rates and inflation, a competitive salary tops the list for job seekers. But other factors are gaining importance too.

Live For Today, Save For Tomorrow
Leading companies help employees gain greater control of their near- and longer-term financial needs.

Find Your Why
Taking time to reflect on what matters in our lives is good for mental well-being — and for careers.

Leaders Who Care

Leading by example: Career advice from women executives
Women leaders at RBC are fully aware that they are strong role models to the next generation.

Talking Trust
Incorporating trust-building skills starts by making them part of our everyday routines.

Long-term mentorship influences relationship manager's return to RBC
After two years as a senior leader at another Canadian institution, Judy started to think back to when she was the happiest.

Out of sight isn't out of mind when it comes to quiet quitting
3 behaviours employers can lean into to help boost employee engagement.

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