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The RBC Indigenous Development Program enables recent graduates to develop the skills and network needed to build their professional experience. The program is open to candidates who self-identify as Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit, Métis) peoples of Canada.

Applicants must have graduated within the last two years from an undergraduate program or a minimum of a two year college diploma. 

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The IDP truly surpassed my expectations in defining what the term “career” could mean.  I learned that a career is much more than the tasks you do day to day.  It’s the skills, people, tenacity, and passion that comes with it. The program provided me with a diversified career and skills development experience, encouraging me stay curious, and allowing me to set high goals.  I built relationships which helped me to thrive in every rotation.  The program empowered me to be confident in a work setting, while also advancing my learning. The IDP was the best introduction to what a future can be like at RBC.
Rene Jourdenais
Alumnus, Indigenous Development Program
The IDP charity rotation significantly enhanced my professional development by allowing me the opportunity to engage in meaningful work beyond RBC. Throughout the rotation, I actively contributed to supporting the OneDrop Foundation’s Indigenous strategy and reconciliation best practices. These practices will aid the development of WASH (Water Access, Sanitation, and Hygiene) projects in Canada with a focus on Indigenous communities. This experience has been instrumental in broadening my skills and understanding of impactful philanthropy within diverse contexts.
Levi Greene
Alumnus, Indigenous Development Program
Chanel Stojanovic
The IDP helped kickstart my career in ways I could not fully understand, until graduating into a full-time position in 2021. Having the platform to wear multiple hats in such a short period of time sharpened my ability to be agile and fostered an “always learning” mindset that is still present today. As someone who was fresh out of university, I had the luxury of time and support to find the right role, the right challenge, and the right management style during my 4 rotations. I was able to continuously develop a toolkit, checking off one challenge and moving onto the next. The program has shown me there can be comfort in the uncomfortable.
Mackenzie Worthy 
Alumna, Indigenous Development Program
The Indigenous Development Program has allowed me to explore different areas of Personal & Commercial Banking and discover what I am most interested in. Completing four rotations is allowing me to learn new skills, meet new people and achieve my goals. I have had the opportunity to do meaningful work that makes an impact at RBC and at an Indigenous community organization. Two years in the program allows for tremendous growth and development which will have a lasting influence on my future!
Kayla Neveu-Gordon
Associate, Indigenous Development Program
Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion has always been a core value for RBC. But more than that, it’s our strength and a key driver of growth and innovation.

RBC not only hires on the basis of merit, but is also strongly committed to Indigenous inclusion. As Canada’s best diversity employer, RBC is committed to building an inclusive workforce and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to pursue their full potential.

Royal Eagles Employee Resource Group

The RBC Royal Eagles are a fellowship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous employees that works to raise awareness and support Indigenous culture throughout RBC. The group helps in connecting the bank, its employees and the Indigenous community.
Royal Eagles Employee Resource Group