Highlights from Women in Tech X 

Read Time : 2 minutes 

After the unprecedented events of 2020, technology and innovation will be at the forefront of the world’s recovery. It will continue to allow for resiliency and flexibility, providing platforms for hybrid workplaces and supporting our economic future. In order to be most successful, it will require diverse thinking from a variety of backgrounds, including women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and other groups.  

The Women in Tech X Event on June 2 addressed that and more, through candid commentary from inspiring leaders who are working to build a more diverse and inclusive tech industry. Sponsored by RBC, the event took a close look at the issues and challenges facing tech today, and the powerful role women can play in addressing them. 

We’ve come a long way – and have much further to go. Here is what we learned from this powerful day in tech:

1. In order to succeed in AI, you need to focus not just on tech, but on the people, process and culture behind it all:
It’s about shifting the executive mindset, building cultural comfort with error and probabilities, and putting best practices in place to ensure business and tech teams can work together seamlessly.

2. For entrepreneurs, it is essential to think critically about whether venture capital is the right path for your business:
It is different for everyone – what’s key is building the right founding team to grow the company.

3. Organizations are continually iterating and building up their technology:
It will be critical for businesses to think about and plan for capabilities that don't yet exist. Smart organizations are building their talent pipelines now, creating dynamic teams of both Gen Z technologists and more traditional leaders, to prepare for what’s to come in 5, 7 or even 10 years.

4. Challenges in cyber security today include a talent gap for skilled cybersecurity experts and a knowledge gap in the community at large:
Solving these takes collaboration across government, industry and academia.

5. The pandemic has been tough on women – especially BIPOC women:
For those in leadership roles who face the unique challenges of driving business outcomes while managing teams, there is no better time to push for a more inclusive workforce. It’s about recognizing what we as female leaders can bring to the table to turn the tides as the world embarks on a new way to work. Take action, call out non-inclusive behaviours and lift up those who are driving change.

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