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Photo: Beverly Bull, Regional Manager, Commercial Solutions Specialists, Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada


Personal passion: Supporting the Indigenous community

Beverly is married to her high school sweetheart, who is Indigenous. "My children are Indigenous,” she says, adding “my ancestry is that of settlers, as I do not have any indigenous connections in my lineage.”

In a very personal way, she wanted to expand her knowledge, so she could support her husband and children in understanding their culture and incorporate important traditions and history into their day-to-day lives. What she uncovered was a huge gap in knowledge.

Following a free course with the University of Alberta, Beverly learned there was a significant opportunity to enhance her indigenous cultural awareness and understanding. RBC supported her in her desire to become a strong ally by giving her the opportunity to participate in the Social Impact Learning Program (SILP) in 2021. SILP matches RBC employees with not-for-profit organizations and Beverly was matched with a BIPOC organization. “That experience continued to open my eyes and helped me understand how I can create impact in that area,” she explains.

Beverly shares that she has been very open about her desire to support the Indigenous community, and RBC has been proactive about supporting her. In fact, in a previous role, she supported Indigenous markets in Alberta as a Deposit Specialist.

In her spare time, Beverly is involved in her children’s hockey organization, and she works with her husband to ensure their kids, and other Indigenous children in Alberta, can play competitive hockey and represent their nation in their annual Native Hockey Provincials.
Mark Gorius, Senior Strategic Initiative Manager, RBC Wealth Management
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Personal passion: Supporting veterans and their families 
Mark Gorius was on active duty in the army in the 1990s before coming to RBC Wealth Management. For his first 15 years at the company, there was no Employee Resource Group (ERG) dedicated to veterans, so he and some of his co-workers formed one – RBC Vets. He was a member on the first Board of Directors and about four years ago, Mark took over as the Chairman.

“Before becoming a member of RBC Vets, I didn’t spend a lot of time helping veterans or the veteran community,” he says. “When the ERG came about, and my kids went to college, I had the freedom to be more active in the community and support veteran causes.”

Mark shares that RBC provides immense support for the ERG anytime they hold an activity or event – whether it’s placing flags on gravestones at Fort Snelling (a national cemetery in the Twin Cities), participating in The Patriot Challenge, sending care packages for troops or collecting toys for military children around Christmas. 

“It’s not just veterans that we’re trying to support,” he says, “we’re also supporting those in active service today and their families.” Mark also volunteers with the VA hospital. “These are things I wasn’t necessarily involved in before leading RBC Vets,” he says. 

Last year, RBC Vets co-hosted an event with RBC Pride, where a transgender male that served in the National Guard in Minnesota spoke. “By partnering with other RBC ERGs, we’re all in this together – we all support each other.”

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