It wasn’t easy leaving RBC but she said goodbye with fond memories of her work and colleagues.

Her new role was a promotion, but she quickly realized being a consultant wasn’t the same as her experience at RBC.

“I knew within a month that being a consultant wasn’t for me,” Tara reflects, “so I reached out to my former RBC colleagues about a role in Operational Resilience and I decided to apply.”

Applying was the easy part. Tara admits she had to also be humble and transparent with leaders about why she had left and why she wanted to return.

“I should’ve been more open and shared my career aspirations with them,” Tara says. “I wish I would’ve realized then that RBC leaders encourage frank conversations about skills and career growth.”

Those tough conversations were worth it. She returned to RBC in January of 2023 as Director of Operational Resilience in Canadian Banking. Tara was only away from RBC for eight months, but it was enough time to reflect on what she learned.

“It was the wrong decision, but I don’t think it was a mistake,” she says. “I learned about where I want to be, what I don’t want to be, and who I want to work with. There’s greatness here. Ultimately my experience elsewhere gave me time to realize RBC is where I can make a difference and continue to live up to the values and behaviours that leaders model themselves after.”

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