Turn a great opportunity
into a rewarding career.

We have the reach and scope to offer you bigger challenges, broader opportunities and the solid foundations for career development. Yet for all our size, this is a business where you can make a difference - to our clients, employees and communities.

Our environment enables you to create your own future. You will receive a warm welcome when you join, and a strong sense of belonging. We provide high-quality tools for personal growth and professional development, mentoring, and hands-on-support from managers and leaders who are invested in your success. We know there’s nothing like learning from experience, and it is no coincidence that about a quarter of our employees move internally to new roles every year.

Your horizons don’t have to be limited by functional boundaries or national borders; wherever you start, you are embarking on a journey to where you want to be. This is a flexible, collaborative culture where you can take on new challenges and embrace the unknown. We’re a place where you can build the career that gives you the life you want.


Rewarding experience every day

Vanja Gorazi

Senior Manager, Electronic Payments, Banking

Team Member Since 2010

My background is in engineering. When I started at RBC, I had very little experience in finance, but I knew I’d be able to venture beyond my comfort zone and take on new challenges because my team would always be there to support me. I love the fast pace of my job. There is something new, challenging and rewarding every day.


Achieving my professional goals

Sarah Hossain

Systems Analyst, Global Equities Technology, Capital Markets

Team Member since 2011

I joined RBC as part of the undergraduate rotational program. I started in project management, but when I told my mentor I wanted to explore the technical side of the business, he helped me make it happen. That’s what I really love about RBC; it’s a dynamic environment that gives me the opportunity to achieve my professional goals.


Creating my own future

Elizabeth Grimmond

Senior Project Manager, Operations & Initiatives, Compliance

Team Member since 1972

When I started at RBC over 40 years ago, I didn’t have a career path. But the benefit of this company is that it’s more than a work relationship - it’s an ongoing learning experience. I’ve had nine different roles in over 10 different countries at RBC because there was limitless opportunity for me to acquire new skills and create my own future.