RBC’s Technical Distinction Program
recognizes top technologists

Marlon Drummond, Network Services

Marlon started at RBC 28 years ago and now leads RBC’s global networking engineering, leading RBC’s infrastructure transition to code; using artificial intelligence and machine learning innovation to achieve cost and scale efficiencies and maintain RBC’s competitive advantage.

“Distinguished engineers need to demonstrate rigour, intelligence and the ability to clearly articulate their vision. Developing relationships across the bank and getting involved in speaking opportunities are all key to the process.”

Valerie Riabova, Wealth Management Architecture

Five years ago, Valerie joined RBC from the startup world, looking to bring her technical expertise and leadership ability to the financial industry. She now manages IT Architecture across four regions.

“It’s about open-minded collaboration and knowing how to connect the dots between ideas within Technology and across the bank.”

Jakub Kolakowski, Engineering Transformation

Jakub’s journey began with a love with coding at nine. After working on telecommunications billing systems, he pivoted to join RBC, seeing an opportunity to leverage his mainframe expertise. Today, Jakub manages engineering transformation, focused on enhancing automation.

“To be a part of TDP, you need experience and knowledge across a handful of diverse and significant projects across and outside of the bank. It doesn’t happen overnight.”

Leo Guelman, Data Science

Leo, with 15 years at RBC, started as a data scientist in Insurance and expanded to leading data science for personalization across various lines of businesses. He bridges the technical and business realms seamlessly, making him an asset to his team.

“You need to be comfortable wearing both business and technical hats.”