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Rose Achard-Desbiens  |  Credit Advisor, Advice Centre

Support Is the Key to My Success

Rose Achard-Desbiens often takes a backward approach to life — and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She started working at an RBC branch before moving to the Advice Centre, when most employees do the reverse. And she took a role in Finance, which is known to be quite serious even though she has a bubbly personality. She was able to do this and still be her authentic self, thanks to RBC’s accepting and welcoming environment. “I can be myself here and it helps in my conversations with clients,” says Rose.

As a Credit Advisor, she’s able to make a difference in her clients’ lives by helping them obtain credit and realize their dream projects. She uses her creativity when it comes to planning complex credit deals. “I’m naturally really curious,” says Rose. “So I ask clients a lot of questions. I want to know the story behind their situation. I build a rapport with them and, through that, I am able to find solutions they need and build their ideal situation.”

When she first started working at an RBC branch in Quebec City, Rose told her colleagues and managers that her goal was to take her career to Montreal. As a company that deeply cares for its employees and their ambitions, RBC was able to make that happen. “I’ve always had bosses who have wanted me to grow,” she says. 

She is currently living out her dream in Montreal. To get there, RBC arranged for her to do some job shadowing in both the branch and the Advice Centre, which allowed her to see the differences between various roles. “RBC helped me find a job in the Advice Centre. That’s why I was able to move to Montreal,” she explains. “My boss was supportive and behind me.”

Not only have her managers been supportive of her aspirations and her career advancement, but they’ve also provided encouragement and emotional help when it comes to mental health. “All of my bosses know I’m prone to having anxiety and getting stressed,” she says. “They’ve given me different resources to help me, including a day off for mental health when needed. I know my bosses always support me even when I’m not feeling well.”

That professional and personal support has made a huge difference in Rose’s life. She has been able to realize her dream while remaining true to herself. As she says: “It is important to feel good and know that RBC is behind you.” 

Christina Ho

Rose Achard-Desbiens

Credit Advisor, Advice Centre