Luke Olivier |  Director and Team Lead, Legal & Fiduciary Risk - Technical Trust

Room to grow brings legal leader to RBC

Luke Olivier

Director and Team Lead, Legal & Fiduciary Risk - Technical Trust
After more than a decade as a commercial and trust litigator at law firms in the Channel Islands, Luke Olivier wanted more from his career. He had the skills and experience, but he needed a workplace where he could try new things, shape ideas and grow a team. 

When Luke saw an opportunity for a leadership role in RBC’s Legal and Fiduciary Risk Technical Trust team, he applied right away.

“RBC is a well-known and deeply respected employer in Jersey,” Luke says. “During the recruitment process, what struck me immediately is how much those I spoke to about RBC really enjoyed working at an organisation that’s aligned with their core values. And my experience since joining RBC has been exactly the same.” 

Luke joined RBC in April 2022 and said it was an easy transition because his previous role as a litigator gave him unique perspective on evaluating business risk. More importantly, he feels valued because he and the team guide important fiduciary decisions and take an active role in new business inquiries.

He explains, “Leadership looks to the team as an important resource. We’re not just sorting out potential problems, we help to drive the business forward. That’s exciting.”

Even more exciting? RBC’s status as a global employer with 95,000 employees throughout Canada, the U.S., the UK and 26 other countries.

“Globally, there are huge opportunities at RBC to grow your career in any way, shape or form. You can join in one role and transition to another one somewhere else in the world,” he says. “In a very tangible sense, RBC gives you everything you need to take control of your career development.”

Luke has a global perspective of his own—he was born in South Africa before moving to the Channel Islands in 2008 and has been settled and living in Jersey since 2015.

“Because of its leading international financial services industry and proximity to Europe, Jersey has provided me with a wonderful work/life harmony. Not only do I work on some of the most sophisticated financial structures, I also have the opportunity to spend quality time on the things that matter most to me like my family, friends, travelling, and an active lifestyle.”