This article is part of a series that explores a hiring trend out of the Great Resignation — the rise of the boomerang employee. These are employees who left a company but after further consideration, return. In the series, RBCers share their decisions to come back and the new skills and deeper perspective they bring with them.

For many of us buying a home is one of the biggest purchases we’ll ever make. No one knows the impact of this milestone more than Mortgage Specialist Ashley Tidd. She’s helped multiple clients secure financing and along the way, became an integral part of this major life moment for them and their families.

Her career started at RBC in 2006 as a personal banking advisor helping clients over the phone. She was good at it and four years later advanced to become a client effectiveness coach. In that role, Ashley helped advisors navigate the flow of the conversation to make sure the client always had a great experience.

“It was a great role for me. I could be my genuine self because I really care,” she says. “The advisor and I were in it together, focused on helping the client. That role also helped me broaden my skill set because I learning online banking, business banking and cards.

From there, Ashley moved into a credit specialist role, supporting loan applications. With a well-rounded skill set, she felt it was time to take the job she always dreamed of—a mortgage specialist. She assumed to make that leap, she would need to join a different Canadian bank. But the decision to leave RBC weighed on her.

Photo: Mortgage Specialist Ashley Tidd started her career at RBC in 2006. She says,“At RBC, you feel different because of the culture, values and the way leadership respects staff."

“I got about two or three ulcers making the decision to leave. At RBC, you feel different because of the culture, values and the way leadership respects staff,” she says.

Right away, Ashley realized the role at the other bank wasn’t a good fit for her compassionate, roll-up-your-sleeves approach to work.

“When the pandemic hit, buying a home wasn’t a priority anymore for many struggling Canadians and I noticed the call center was swamped with client questions. I offered to take calls because when your peers are overwhelmed that’s what you do. But my offer to help was questioned rather than embraced. It was very different from RBC where there’s an ‘all hands on deck’ mentality,” Ashley says.

Just over a year into that role and Ashley realized it was time for a change. So she reached out to a former colleague, applied for the mortgage specialist role and started a second chapter at RBC.

She’s proud to be back at RBC, wearing the mortgage specialist badge she always aspired to at a company she loves.

“I’m really happy, genuinely happy. How many people can say that?