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RBC Amplify Program

Summer 2021

International Program
Applications for the International Amplify Program are now closed – thank you to everyone that applied. Check back in September for RBC Amplify 2022 postings! 

What's in it for you?

Leave your mark

When you build an Amplify product, it’s not just a student project. It’s the real deal. You’ll be sponsored by senior executives with meaningful problems – and they’re looking to you to solve them.

Win as a team

Your team has the freedom to set the vision and strategy for your product. You’ll have plenty of support and mentorship, but it’s up to the four of you to build something users love.

Never stop learning

Amplify unlocks opportunities to upgrade your skills and learn something new from our very best. You’ll hone your craft (whether it be business or technical), meet dozens of subject-matter experts, and become a startup pitch master.

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“We built a product from scratch and it was Data Science heavy so we focused on leveraging Machine Learning and NLP techniques to develop the core model of our solution!”
Seher Sahrin, Developer
“We had the opportunity to learn new skills like Container Orchestration Technology, Microservice Design Techniques, and Security Principles. I always felt supported along the way and enjoyed the experience.”
Russell Goldman, Developer
“I learned how to deploy an app, specifically a MySQL database to Openshift. I’ve never worked with anything like it before and it was cool to deploy these real systems myself.”
Mathusan Thanabalasingam, Data Scientist

Other Tech Student Co-ops & internships

Our internships allow you to apply your skills from the classroom to real-life work. You’ll engage in tangible projects with meaningful impact to gain the real-world experience you’ll need to kick-start your career.

Be What’s Next 

Beyond Amplify, students and new grads are an important part of building our future in tech as a digitally-enabled relationship bank, and central to our purpose to help clients thrive and communities prosper. With hundreds of roles, across dozens of work streams, there are countless opportunities for you to learn, grow, and work with purpose, while launching your career in tech.