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RBC Amplify Program Summer 2019

Not your typical internship.

​​​​​​Amplify is an intensive summer innovation program that lets you put your skills to the test while building a product that could disrupt our company and beyond. As an Amplifier, you’ll work in a team of four and get assigned a bold business challenge, developing a solution and pitching it continuously throughout the summer. Join our community, grow your network, and kickstart your career with RBC Amplify. 

Recruitment for our Amplify 2019 cohort is now complete. Thank you to everyone that applied! 

Graduating between August 2020 – June 2021?
​​​​​​​Check back in September for the RBC Amplify 2020 postings.

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When you build an Amplify product, it’s not just a student project. It’s the real deal. You’ll be sponsored by senior executives with meaningful problems – and they’re looking to you to solve them. 
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Win as a team Your team has the freedom to set the vision and strategy for your product. You’ll have plenty of support and mentorship, but it’s up to the four of you to build something users love.  
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Never stop learning Amplify unlocks opportunities to upgrade your skills and learn something new from our very best. You’ll hone your craft (whether it be business or technical), meet dozens of subject-matter experts, and become a startup pitch master. 

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To me, Amplify was a great opportunity to push the boundaries of what I’m traditionally comfortable with. I developed my core skills, not only in UX, but from a data science and development perspective as well. Phoebe Dyloco
Amplify UI/UX Designer, 2018                                        

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Amplify has been one of the most amazing intern experiences I've had. I am constantly learning and challenging myself while having fun at it. The things you gain here not many places can offer.  Gerald Lee
Amplify Business Analyst, 2018                                        

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Amplify is a talent accelerator. It is a truly agile environment where teams begin iterating on industrial solutions from day one, with constant feedback and help from the business. As a Data Scientist, it offers a unique environment for exploring and applying cutting edge technologies to massive data sets. Shawn Anderson
Amplify Data Scientist, 2018                                    

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Amplify has been a perfect simulation of starting our own venture, without having to worry about the funding for it. Facing real-world challenges and tackling a business problem refined not only my technical skills but also honed my critical skills. Loved this summer experience! Tuhin Tiwari 
Amplify Developer, 2018