Innovation on show at Catalyst – RBC’s internal tech expo

The tenacious pace of technological transformation demands imagination, insight and importantly, collaboration to stay ahead. But how do you foster connection among a team as large and diverse as RBC’? At Tech@RBC, not only do we understand this challenge well, but we’ve found a way to navigate it.

Meet Catalyst: RBC’s leading internal technology expo
More than just an event, Catalyst is a driving force that brings our Tech@RBC team together annually to fuel new ideas, share knowledge and drive innovation.

Catalyst is about inspiring our employees to think differently and act boldly. With the theme of ‘Powering Growth through Change and Transformation’, nearly 5,000 RBC tech employees came together in person and virtually in six locations around the world to discuss how we can better deliver lasting impact for our clients, colleagues and communities. 2023’s expo featured a vast line up of internal RBC experts who shared their insights on the technology landscape and showcased the bank’s latest solutions as well the opportunity to participate in a hackathon challenge. Attendees also had the opportunity to hear from some leading industry experts some global tech organizations.

“Every engineer aspires to achieve their flow state. In the time that the hackathon was running, it felt like nothing else except me and the hackathon existed, and I was in the flow state for a solid two hours. It reminded me of why being able to achieve flow in your work is so important and inspired me to make space for it even in our everyday work.” – Richard Song, Director Developer Advocacy, Opensource Program & Dev

Always learning in action

No matter your role in the industry, continuous learning and embracing a growth mindset has never been more important. At Catalyst, employees are enlightened through an extensive array of speaker sessions and workshops led by internal subject-matter experts and interactive booths presented by some of RBC’s most innovative technology teams.

Looking to learn more about leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance products? Or are you looking to learn more about data transformation? Either way, as a Tech@RBC employee at Catalyst, you’re in luck.

Session topics at Catalyst 2023 varied from artificial intelligence, data transformation to fraud prevention and cloud infrastructure. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about new projects that are underway and the various products and services that are being implemented as part of RBC’s mission to transform financial services. They could also share their learnings with colleagues, meet potential collaborators and consider career changes.

“Sharing my knowledge and passion for my work to a large RBC audience was different from my typical day-to-day and it has certainly strengthened my connection to the rest of RBC.” - Patricia Arocena, Head, Generative AI Innovation Labs

Fostering a culture of collaboration

With the size and scale of Tech@RBC, it isn’t easy to know what your colleagues do. Catalyst is a unique internal opportunity to help bridge that gap for employees so they can understand our top strategic initiatives, align their work to our goals and better collaborate with the broader team. It’s like walking into high-tech science fair, where your colleagues explain what they’re working on and what they need to succeed. Catalyst 2023 included six events in RBC locations around the world where employees discovered over 40 of our most cutting-edge technology projects that are currently underway across the bank.

“I was fortunate to have been a part of the Catalyst 2023 planning team. It was an exciting honour to get to bring together some of RBC’s brightest minds to curate such an impactful event for tech employees worldwide. In addition to planning, attending Catalyst 2023 deepened my knowledge of all the innovations happening across RBC; I left with deeper institutional knowledge that I can bring back to my own projects, as well as countless new connections with like-minded colleagues across the bank.” – Tabitha Alexander, Director, Enterprise Architecture

Catalyst is one of the many ways Tech@RBC is fostering a culture of collaboration and inspiration. Want to work at a company where innovation makes an impact? Learn more at

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