Private Banking

A unique opportunity to work with specialists
and advisors in wealth planning, focusing
on what matters the most to clients. 

By joining Private Banking, you will work collaboratively with Associates, Advisors, Managers of Credit Structures and partners to cultivate relationships with high-net-worth clients and deliver advice tailored to their needs.
If you want to drive positive impact in client experience through meaningful work and a supportive, collaborative environment, join us and see first-hand how you can shape your career at RBC Private Banking.

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I work in close collaboration with so many RBC colleagues across the enterprise to ensure I act as a steward for our clients, and align resources to help them be successful. Working for Private Banking has given me perspective on complex Wealth Management needs that are unique to this client segment, and how we go about finding solutions in the marketplace to earn the right to be amongst our client’s trusted wealth advisory team. Marcel Dupupet
Private Banker, RBC Wealth Management, Private Banking, Halifax, NS
Working at RBC Private Banking has allowed me to take the skills I developed over the course of my career in financial services to a whole new level. The work is challenging, our team approach is best in class, and the reward is knowing we’ve made a difference in our clients’ lives. Rose Robitaille
Private Banking Advisor, RBC Wealth Management, Private Banking, Ottawa, ON
The RBC team is great, you work with different partners, and you get to learn their job task, wether it’s a Private Banker, a Manager, or an associate, it’s a great collaboration of everybody. Working in Private Banking has taught me that there are a lot of great opportunities and there's room to continue to grow. Jeffrey Emmanual Comeau
Associate, Credit Stuctures, RBC Wealth Management, Private Banking, Montreal, QC
The people that make up our team are consummate professionals who take pride in what they do and always go that extra mile to deliver a differentiated experience to our clients. I’m always impressed by their passion and creative thinking. Our teams are close-knit and we look out for each other – collaboration and colleague care are definitely a way of life. Private Banking has given me the opportunity to grow and is a vehicle through which I can leverage all my skills. Jason Sordi
Vice President, RBC Wealth Management, Private Banking, GRT