Are you the Next Great Innovator?
​​​​​​​Join us for the 12th annual NGI: Next Great Innovator Hackathon.

At RBC, we’re serious about innovation. It drives decision making and allows us to shake up the way we do things. As students, you bring a fresh and innovative perspective to everything you do. 

If you are a full-time high school student in grade 11 or 12 or in your first or second year of undergraduate studies (University and College) and identify as a woman*, we want you to join us on Saturday, November 17 for an exciting one day hackathon!  

Deadline to apply is Sunday, November 4, 2018.

Event details



Saturday, November 17, 2018
8:00AM – 8:00PM EST
MaRS Discovery District, 101 College St, Toronto, Ontario
What will you do: Students from across the region will unite together in teams of four to develop a technical solution and working prototype that answers this year’s challenge. You will present your solution to a panel of judges and have the chance to win prizes!
​​​​​​​You will need a laptop and any tech you’d like to use.

Why join us?


Receive mentorship and support from subject matter experts and leaders in the industry. 

Networking opportunities

Network with your peers who are passionate about technology and business innovation. You'll also meet leaders, experts and recruiters from RBC Technology & Operations (and maybe even land a job)!

Upgrade your skills and learn something new


You will develop, learn and grow your technical and business skills working as a team to achieve a ​​​​​​​common goal.



Who is invited to participate in 2018?  Full time high school students in grade 11 or 12 and university students in their first or second year of undergraduate studies in Canada who identify as a woman*. Any skill level is welcome – from technical to business and design, all students interested in technology and innovation are welcome.
How much does it cost? Absolutely nothing!
What if I’m new to programming? That’s okay! Hackathons are a great place to learn new programming languages that you haven’t had a chance to before. We’ll have some awesome mentors and industry experts to help you along the way!
Should I put a team together before the event? Our organizers will be forming cross functional teams of four for you. This is your chance to work and network with like-minded people from different backgrounds! Don’t worry, we’ll make sure your team is set up for success with the right mix of skills.
What if I don’t have an idea? No problem - we’ll be giving you topics closer to the event to help spark your ideas.
How does the application process work? 1.    Submit your application including your resume by October 28, 2018. 
2.    Our organizing team will review the applications and will be in contact with you if you are selected to participate by November 2, 2018. Spots are limited due to venue capacity. 
3.    You will be asked to confirm your attendance to the hackathon by November 6, 2018. 
4.    Our organizing team will then form the teams of four and put you in touch with your team members via email by November 14, 2018. 

What do I need to bring? You will need a laptop and any tech you’d like to use. Don’t forget your power cord! We will supply coffee, drinks, food/snacks, wifi, extension cords and more!
*RBC recognizes that the word “woman” may be used as an identifier for some but not all. We understand the imperfection of language, and we use * to welcome cis women, non-binary, agender, and intersex persons.