Yi-Minn Tai  |  Senior Administrator

Continual Learning Makes Work
Fulfilling for Senior Administrator

Yi Minn

Yi-Minn Tai

Senior Administrator
Five years into Yi-Minn’s career in the banking industry, he was ready for a new challenge. He began exploring other jobs and stumbled upon RBC at a career fair, where he was immediately drawn to the friendly people at RBC’s booth and was eager to learn more about working at the organization. When a job became available, Yi-Minn was quick to apply.

“When I learned about the Senior Administrator role at RBC,” Yi-Minn shares, “I immediately applied without hesitation because of RBC’s great reputation.”

Yi-Minn started his career with RBC in 2019 and has since held a number of progressive roles across the organization. He leaned on his managers to guide him as he progressed in his career, but he also made sure to take charge of his own career growth with learning and development resources offered by RBC.

“The best course that I’ve taken so far,” Yi-Minn shares, “is the emotional intelligence learning program.” The program is one of several centered around immersive learning experiences which teach skills through social learning.

“This course enhanced my development tremendously,” Yi-Minn tells us, “I’m better equipped to understand emotions, sustain self-motivation, and empathize with others.”

After completing the program Yi-Minn was approached by one of his previous managers with an opportunity to become a supervisor, leading a team of seven people, supporting four different areas of the business.

“My manager saw my potential and enabled me to develop skills that would help me succeed in a supervisory role,” Yi-Minn shares.

Part of that success stems from the Malaysia team’s tight-knit culture built on supporting one another, Yi-Minn says. “We often plan outings such as cave trekking or movie nights on weekends, even though we see each other almost every day during the week at work.”

When thinking about the next five years of his career at RBC, Yi-Minn is most excited to continue meeting, and working with different colleagues across the bank – the same people that initially drew him to RBC back in 2019.

“I look forward to continuing to learn and collaborate with different groups,” Yi-Minn shares. “I’m excited to see the great things that we will accomplish as a team.”