Damia Suni Md Suhaimi  |  Client Invoicing Manager

People-Focused Role Makes Work
Rewarding for Client Invoicing Manager

Karen Snowdon-Steacy

Damia Suni Md Suhaimi

Client Invoicing Manager
Math was always Damia’s favorite subject in school, but she hadn’t considered how it could translate to a career until her sister began working in financial services. Damia was intrigued by her sister’s job, so she explored a similar path which brought her to the world of Client Invoicing.

Early in her career Damia realized that, while her work was rooted in numbers, it really centred around people. “In my role helping clients globally, I’ve developed a deep respect for other cultures,” she explains. “This is important because RBC serves clients around the world.”

The ability to make a global impact is part of what drew Damia to RBC, in addition to RBC’s strong reputation.

“I heard so much positive feedback from my friends and read many things about how RBC is such a good company,” she says.

As a Client Invoicing Manager with RBC Investor Services, Damia works with people all over the world, including Canada, the UK, U.S. and Singapore. No matter how far away her clients or colleagues are, however, she feels a natural closeness and connection.

“My colleagues are very approachable and easy going. When I speak with people – whether they’re in Malaysia or somewhere else – it feels like we already know each other.” She adds, “It’s like starting a conversation with a friend.”

To be accessible for her counterparts across the globe, Damia works shifts that accommodate different time zones. For instance, one of her typical shifts is 2:00 p.m. to 11 p.m., Malaysia time. She says, “Most of my counterparts are in Toronto, so I try my level best to make sure we are able to connect.”

Another highlight of working at RBC is the opportunity to give back to her community through RBC’s many community service programs. Damia recently joined the PINTAR Maharani program, offering career planning advice to high school students. She provides tips and best practices on researching jobs, interviewing, and generally preparing for life after school. Damia is also active in the holiday gifts program, where she provides gifts for underprivileged children. While the programs give Damia the opportunity to support her community in meaningful ways, they also drive connection within RBC. “It’s wonderful because I am new to RBC, and this is a way to meet a lot of people,” she says.

Whether it’s people in her community, colleagues in Malaysia or RBCers across the globe, Damia is grateful for the connections she’s made – connections that make RBC a warm and welcoming place to be.