Anandan Subramaniam  |  Senior Manager, Data Strategy

Growth Opportunities and Strong Reputation
Attract Data Professional to RBC

Karen Snowdon-Steacy

Anandan Subramaniam

Senior Manager, Data Strategy
Anandan Subramaniam couldn’t wait to bring his six-year-old son to RBC’s ‘bring your child to work’ event last September. He felt a sense of pride as he introduced his son to a diverse group of colleagues and gave him a tour of the modern workspace. It’s events like these, Anandan says, that contribute to a welcoming work environment for everyone.

“Because we have many multinational companies in Malaysia, there are people from around the world here. At RBC, they all have equal opportunity and people’s traditions are honoured and respected. RBC is a place where everyone is welcome,” he says.

Anandan has spent 15 years in the financial industry and the last 12 months with RBC, with a career-long focus on data management. After over a decade with another financial institution, Anandan was drawn to RBC’s brand reputation, career opportunities and commitment to employee well-being. Today he manages a team of nine in RBC Capital Markets Operation that set up, verify and manage data as clients are onboarded into the system.

“The RBC brand is well-known across the financial industry as one of the top banks in the market, which leads to career growth opportunities,” he says. “This is what attracted me to RBC.”

With a future-focused mindset, Anandan sees great possibility ahead. “In my role, I am looking at what I can contribute in the next 90 days, the next 120 days, and the year ahead – and what past experiences I can bring to do my job well,” he explains.

Anandan says he appreciates RBC’s support through formal and informal development programs, like mentoring and upskilling that encourage employees to learn, grow and try new things. He also likes sharing ideas through the “10-minute catch up” initiative, which invites any employee to brainstorm solutions for small improvements within the organization. Also, regular “check-in sessions” help managers and staff get to know each other better by further understanding needs and perspectives.

Anandan has an eye to the future – for himself and his family – and sees his role with RBC as one that can deliver on promise and possibility.