Jasmine Blakemore
With personal motivation as well as support from RBC, Jasmine Blakemore grew her career, starting as an intern and eventually taking on a senior management role in data strategy.
Luke Olivier
RBC's reputation as a well-known and respected employer convinced Luke to leave the law firm he worked at and take on a leadership role on RBC's Legal and Fiduciary Risk Technical Trust team. 
Louise Stevens
Louise Stevens worked at RBC, left for another opportunity and then returned for a senior role  —never forgetting RBC's warm, welcoming culture.
Stuart Coppen
As RBC grew, so did Stuart's career, thanks to a series of progressive roles and challenges. Now, as the head of asset services for banking and treasury, he's excited for what's next.
Gaspé House
Named after Gaspé, Quebec — a nod to RBC's Canadian origins — Gaspé House is made of local Jersey granite. Our beautiful headquarters is broadly considered a perk among employees.