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The RBC Indigenous Peoples Development Program aims to excel the careers of young professionals, and helps recent graduates develop the skills and network needed to build their professional experience. The program is specifically designed for candidates who self-identify as Indigenous/Aboriginal (First Nations, Inuit, Metis) Peoples of Canada.

Program overview

Take part in a 2-year rotational program that offers you the opportunity to gain exposure to different aspects of Finance, Audit, Risk Management, Technology, Marketing or Human Resources through four assignments. Three assignments will be within the chosen business area and one unique rotation working with an Indigenous community organization which will allow you to give back while applying your skills.
Learning the Ropes
Community Work
Skills Development
Applications for 2020 will open in Fall 2019.
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Unlock your potential by developing new skills, while expanding your horizons and giving back to your community.
Be empowered to grow your career as we invest in you – put your degree to work!
Business areas
Risk Management
Human Resources

Benefits of the program

Build the career you want
Experiential learning allows you to apply your skills and identify your strengths.
Drive change
Disrupt and explore new possibilities for your career and community.​​​
Develop new skills
Gain new insights while working on a diverse range of challenging assignments.
Access to tools and resources
One-to-one mentoring, coaching from industry leaders, and team collaboration to set you up for success.

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 The Indigenous Peoples Development program is tailored to my interests and ensures I have the right resources I need to begin my career journey. The unique rotational program has given me exposure to different areas within the bank. Throughout this program, I have recieved the mentoring and education needed to develop my career. Since joining RBC, I have developed my skills and built on my strengths through the coaching I've received.
Danielle Wisen
Associate, Indigenous Peoples Development Program
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Like most recent graduates, I had no idea what the corporate world would be like. Starting a career at an organization the size of RBC can be  daunting. However, this program connected me with managers and other RBCers that provided direction and support while learning new skill sets. RBC is committed to creating a diverse workspace that includes individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. I joined The RBC Royal Eagles, the Indigenous employee group, during my first week at RBC. I was set up with a career mentor who provided additional guidance that helped inaugurate me into the RBC community. ​​​​Thank you to RBC for providing support and helping me create a foundation that I will continue to build upon throughout my career. 
Jake Karasin
Associate, Indigenous Peoples Development Program
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My onboarding experience has been above and beyond my expectations as a new hire. From the first day at RBC, I quickly became immersed in the vibrant and diverse culture. It was truly special to feel valued for my expertise from day one. Working with Global Reconciliation Services has had an impact on my development and for the bank. From building financial models to business analytics, I am actively contributing to the future of RBC.
Austin Lee
Associate, I
ndigenous Peoples Development Program
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It was a stressful experience moving to a new city and starting a new career. However, with the support of my program manager, I had access to all of the necessary systems and equipment I needed, as well as a peer buddy within my team that I could go to if I had any questions. Overall, I had a positive onboarding experience. 
Dylan Allary
Associate, Ind
igenous Peoples Development Program
RBC not only hires on the basis of merit, but is also strongly committed to Indigenous inclusion. ​​​​

As Canada’s best diversity employer, RBC is committed to building an inclusive workforce and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to pursue their full potential.