Group Risk Management

Risk Reimagined, Risk Renewed.

Our profession has evolved from managing traditional risks such as credit, market and insurance, to looking at the risk management of cyber security, money laundering, IT risk, fraud, and more. We face some of the most complex problems in the industry and our job is to help solve them.

With over 2,500 employees around the world, we are focused on growing, maintaining balance, embracing change, navigating complexity and staying curious and innovative. Are you up for the challenge?

Our Teams


Enterprise Risk

We identify, maintain and manage processes, policies and frameworks to protect the organization and reach our objectives.

Operational Risk

We assess risk and create contingency plans to make us more resilient and ensure we are prepared for any situation.

Financial Crimes 

We use advanced analytics, investigation strategies and professional expertise to detect, deter and report suspicious criminal activity. 

Insurance Risk

We monitor and help manage emerging insurance-related risks, turning numbers into risk knowledge and action.

Regulatory Compliance & Government Affairs

We provide independent control, oversight, and management of RBC’s Regulatory Compliance risks to ensure they abide by laws, regulations and regulatory expectations.

Retail & Commercial Risk 

We evaluate the risk and rewards across Retail & Commercial Banking, Insurance, and Wealth Management.

Wholesale Credit Risk

We work with stakeholders across the bank to assess, adjudicate and monitor risk with RBC’s capital and mid-market clients. 

Market & Counterparty Credit Risk  

We provide independent, enterprise-wide oversight and governance of market, counterparty credit, liquidity and model risks arising from RBC’s businesses and operations.

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Our teams are full of smart, curious people who are eager to learn and share ideas. The important thing is not to stop questioning - the right question is usually more important than the right answer. Lindsay Kim
Director, Group Risk Management - Credit
We work on the leading edge and we’re thought leaders in this space – no day is the same. Terry Demopoulos
Managing Direction, Global Risk Analytics
I love the fact that each day is different in Compliance. Working with different lines of businesses to help solve complex issues keeps me engaged and eager to come into work each day. Tricia
Senior Manager, Regulatory Compliance