Working with a team where you belong

RBC is a proud long-term supporter of LGBT+ rights in the community, and that goes for our workplace as well. We’re committed to ensuring you can bring your true self to work, and that you feel comfortable for doing it.

A history of inclusion

RBC is your ally building awareness and an inclusive workplace. We’ve made history together and will continue to do so with you on our team. Today, RBC is present at over 40 Pride Parades around the globe and supports over 85 LGBT+ themed community partners.​​​

  • 1995 Recognized same-gender partners for spousal equivalent benefits across employee benefit-programs
  • 1999 Pride, employee resource group was established and is now global
  • 2000 Extended pension coverage to same-gender partners
  • 2012 Wealth Management U.S. introduced transgender support guidelines for employees
  • 2015 RBC in Canada introduced transgender support guidelines for employees
  • 2014 Opened an online community with LGTB+ resources, tools, and meeting place
  • 2017 Ranked #1 on LGTBT+ inclusion index by Pride at Work Canada

Our programs

RBC Pride Employee Resource Group (ERG)

RBC’s PRIDE Employee Resource Group (ERG) is at the centre of our LGBT+ inclusion programs around the world. They work with LGBT+ people and allies across the bank to inform, educate and inspire so that everyone can feel comfortable bringing their true selves to work.